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Air lay soft in the Glade of the Grotto, when de swamp witch come in de night. The green moss soft beneath her feet, wind stirs while she bask in de air, and bathes in the Moon's stream of light.
Black water is filled with the life of the swamp.  Under the waters edge; mud neath the Cypress roots is warm and smooth.
She wade to the center of the Cypress pool and cleanse of de wounds of this World.
She pause now, to bring the treasure of mud, to clothe her as she lay on the shore,   Pressed gainst the earth, closed are her eyes to go Deep in herself;   a part of the Earth,  part of the swamps early life, once more. 
One with the elements, spread like a Star on the ground, she offers her self to the Moon.   The Moon sends back Her Spirit, and cloaks the witch with light.   She rises like a Star with arms  in the air;  sending the Spirit back to the sky.  She beckons the Corners of the Ancient World and draws their powers inside.
She dance with the Wind and whirl in the Waters and make her offerings with  Fire to the land.  She gave love and joy to the Goddess of the Night, and the Powers are hers to command.
The Seer looks deep inside herself to touch the Worlds that are Far Beyond.  All is One and One is AlI,  inside and out, before and behind, like the Keltic Knot entwined.  You can never untangle the knot Itself.  Yet; the Knowledge is there to find.
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Every Spell that we make, every boon that we ask, every Will that we want to be done.  Must include the Prime of the elements;  and  the Essence of what we'd command.  Gathered from the Creature where the Spirit resides and from the Plant where it's seed began.

The Swamp Witch use what nature provide:
The forked branch of the Cypress Tree is her Divining Rod.
The black pool is her Scry,  A Mat of Thatch her Alter cloth, while the Green Man stands near by.
She gather the Herbs from the nearby woods, the smooth stones from the creek.  She dig the Clay and roots from where they be, and the Crystals near the mountain peak.
She has her Spirit and her Love from the Goddess above;
what ere she needs,  from Nature abound.  She brings it all to her Magick; and in her Book the Secrets' found.
She gives the Gift of her Magick free.   She won't make a Spell:
To enslave your desire, for power, gold, or revenge.  She'll help face toils, on the Way of life; and give joy the wealth of Spirit brings.
Granny Witch (the Swamp Hag) has Spells of the Other Kind.
You pays your Money, and you takes your choice -
But don't be coming back;  When they Bind.
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