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Please Note: The spirit of nature is in all living things & I do not advocate the murder of animals (or even insects) just for their magical parts - but; if they have otherwise already died, you may use them, as directed, in Granny's recipes.

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{ Note on ingredients:  Try if you can, to get Sea Salt or other NON Iodized salt, Milk, (unpasturised), and farm fresh eggs, genuine butter, and IF Lard, (animal fat) or Bacon grease is called for; vegetable oil or shortning may NOT be substituted.  (they do not contain Animal Essence.) Cane is OK but Beet Sugar is preferable coming from beneath the Earth. }
2 cups Flour                                                                  2 cups cornmeal
1 teasp baking soda                                              2 teasp salt
2 Tblsp baking powder                                      1/3 cup sugar
3 eggs - large                                                                 2 cups milk
3 pieces of cooked chopped bacon (with the grease) 
OR  1/4 cup lard

Mix dry ingredients add half the milk, eggs, remainer of milk. (may need a little more milk depending on the absorbency of the meal.  Add grease with chopped or crumbled bacon.  Bake in IRON Skillet or cauldron at 350-375 deg. until lightly browned around 45 min. to Hour
Note:  use small iron molds to make nice Altercakes, fill half full, bake 20+ minutes intill light golden, turn out, drizel with honey while warm, cool.
For midsummer I like to add fruit of the Vine, chopped sauted onion and bell pepper or jalapino, & a chopped peeled tomato.
ASH BREAD baked on your HEARTH
            (for the Traditionalist)
Add a teaspoon of Salt to a Quart of Cornmeal (4 cups)  make up with water to stiff dough, knead well, may use a little Flour to knead, make into round flat cakes,    Sweep a clean place on the hottest part of your hearth. wrap each cake in cabage leaves and cover with hot wood ashes and BAKE. You may bake without leaves but then you have to wash and wipe dry before eating (OR forget tradition -& use Foil Wrap).
Dark ALTER CAKES (cocoa snakcake)
1 1/2 cup flour                                    1 cup sugar
3 Tblsp. cocoa                                   1 teasp baking soda
1/4 cup oil                                          1 Tblsp. Vinegar
1 teasp. vanilla                                   1 teasp. almond extract
1 cup water or cold coffee (if you have the old coffee use it)

Mix dry ingredients, make well: add oil, vinegar and flavorings;   Add water
or coffee, mix well, bake in small muffin pans or molds, wonderful warm or glaze with Orange juice and powdered sugar glaze; eat cooled.
          (Note: you don't need to add milk or eggs, trust me on this)
Special Note:  Granny's Recipe for fly spec Bread is really deliciious,  Try it!  Use the Poppy Seeds, (instead of "fly specks" ) makes Two small loaves.  You can also use red and green sprinkles instead of seeds for Yule.
Fill large crock with Blackberries or Dewberries, cover with water, cloth, let stand 3-4 days to ferment, then strain off through cloth, into a cask, adding 3 pounds brown sugar to each Gallon juice. Cork and let stand until the following October.
              CURRENT WINE
(recipe from Mrs. Gen. Robert E. Lee)
Put Three pounds of brown sugar to every squeezed strained gallon of currents, (you may add water if juice scarce )Put up in old wine cask and let stand a year, before you draw it off.
Native Grape WINE
Pick perfect grapes, or Muscadines; wash and pack tightly in stone crock, pour boiling water over (QT. to each Bushel) cover, let stand 1 - 2 weeks, strain, add three pounds sugar to every gallon of juice. Let stank Six Months before corking, then age for 9 - 12 Months before using.

Notes on making WINE:  use perfectly ripe fruit.  Do not gather after a rain, fruit will be watery and not sweet. Watch carefully to see when fermentation ceases, cork right away or wine will lose flavor, too soon will pop open.
    If I don't use homemade wines. I prefer monastery wines for Ritual use.}
SALTS (for Bath and Ritual use)
To each One Pound of Sea Salt, drizzel (One Tablespoon) of fragrant oil or extracts, over salt in bowl, mix, shake together, place in Large Jar with Screw on lid, keep for Two Weeks before using for flavorings to blend, Ground, powered Herbs may also be added.
(Recipe makes 6 Jumbo Muffins)
   (12 small or 18 tiny cakes)
1 cup flour all purpose flour            1 cup whole wheat flour
3/4 cup sugar                                  1 Tblsp. Baking powder          
1 teasp. baking soda                       1 teasp salt
1 Tblsp. mollasses                           1 teasp. vanilla
1 egg                                              1 can or
1/2 cup milk, (if needed)                (2 cups home cooked drained pumplin) 
Honey                                             1/2 to 1 cup of Raisens (if you like)

Mix dry ingredients; add pumpkin, add egg and Flavorings, Add milk as necessary to form stiff batter, Divide amoung muffin cups,  Bake until lightly browned, about, 15 to 30 Minutes depending on pan, remove from Oven brush with Honey; return to oven 5 minutes more.
Mixture for Romance/Love SALTS (use mixture of oils or essence of your favorite sweet Flowers.  I like Jasmine, Gardenia, Rose; carnation, lavender, lilly of the valley  apple or cherry blossem, are popular. Drizzel combination of several oils (for spell use, dust with alum to bind.
Store in tightly closed jar.
Mixture for NEGETIVITY SALTS (use mixture of oils or essence of Sandlewood, Patchouli. Drizzel combination of oils dust with powder
of ,St. Johns Wort, dried mint, wormwood and add with about 1/2 cup spanish moss, store in tightly closed Jar.
(CAREFUL do not ingest, or rub eyes.  Wear gloves or wash hands! )
Mixture for PROSPARITY(money)POWDER (use mixture of oils or essence Frankincense, Green Mint, Drizzel combination of oils mix with powder of ,St. Johns Wort, holly berries, wormwood and add about 1/4 cup cypress needles,(soft), store in tightly closed Jar.
Mixture for PROTECTION (use mixture of cedar shavings, soft cypress needles, spanish moss dusted with powdered arrowroot and mugwort; tied in medicine bag, or all ground to a powder & store in tightly closed Jar to use for Salts, Spells, or use when otherwise needed.
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To each One Pound of Sea Salt, drizzel (One Tablespoon) of fragrant oil or extracts, over salt in bowl, mix, shake together, place in Large Jar with Screw on lid, keep for Two Weeks before using for flavorings to blend, Ground, powered Herbs may also be added.
SALTS (for Bath and Ritual use)