Feoh, Faihu, Fe
(Sound:  "f" )

Element of FIRE

Color: Red / Numbers 6/24
Elder Tree / Lilly of the Valley
Stones: Mass Agate, Green Tourmaline,

Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Tarot Card: III - The Empress

Talisman Use:

Used to attract wealth and protect property. Good for Chest & respiratory problems, blood.
Fehu literally means "cattle", the measure of wealth in early germanic history. Denoting prosperty & accumullated wealth. Both physical representation of the mobile energy which manifests as money in human dealings and suggests the strength of fertility and lifeforce.


Prosperity, money, wealth, concern with physical and financial needs, goals, promotion, self-esteem, centeredness, good Karma.  Fulfillment, Ambitions satisfied, rewards received. Conserving  gains Good fortune, wealth, Luck prospects approaching.To enjoy and share good fortune. Relationships to be examined.


Cowardice, Stupidity, Slavery, Dullness, Restrictions.
Bankruptcy, Loss of personal esteem; Overcome by odds, Frustrations, Shortcomings,Doubtful situations, Falling short in efforts. Misusing your gifts. & mispent efforts.

The Meaning of the Stones

Fehu    Uruz    Thurisa  Ansuz  Raido   Kenaz  Gebo  Wunjo
Ur, Urus, Urdizzle
(Sound:  "oo" )
Element of  Earth

Color: Yellow / Number: 3
Birch Tree /Nasturium
Stones: Tiger Eye, Carbuncle

Zodiac Sign: Leo
Tarot Card: VIII - Strength

Talisman Uses:

Strengthen Will.  Send resolve and courage, restore hope, confidence. Stir to action, Increase sexual potency in Men; Mental & Physical Health.

Thorn, Thurizan,
(Sound:  "th")

Element of Fire
Color: Orange / Number: 5
Hawthorn Tree / Sweet Honesty
Stone(s): Saphire,
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Tarot Card: XI - Justice

Talisman Uses:

Used for Protection and Defense, Destruction, to remove evil, charge crystals, ward off attack, Meditation & Self-Discipline; to disinfect and sterilize., muscles & body strength.
Ansus, Ansur Ass,
Os, Aesir
(Sound:  "aa" )

Element of Air

Color: Green / Number: 4
Stone(s): Emerald
Ash Tree / Morning Glory

Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Tarot Card: I -The  Magician

Talisman Uses:

Helps with magic to gain revelations & creative inspiration. Brings calm, gives knowledge and good speech.For success in leadership, communication, taking exams. For healing Mouth, teeth & throat ills.
The name Uruz means "aurochs", the mighty wild Bovine. It is the rune of powerful unconscious-shaping energies of the Universe which can be known by the Wise. It represents the  active universal power, to be used to direct the magical shaping will into the Well of Urdhr.


Energy, Passion, Vitality Instinct,Wildness, Sexuality & Fertility: the power of Mother Earth. Shamanic experience, the great Unconcious Primitive Mind, Irrationality, Rite of Passage. Robust Health., Creative Power,Spiritual Freedom. & Good Fortune.  Transformation & creation; Endings and New Beginnings, resurgence, the Phoenix.


Negative Influences, Strength against you. Missed chances & opportunity,Lust, Brutality, Rashness, Callousness, Violence, Sexual Desire. Bad Luck or Minor Illnesses.

The name Thurisa means "giant"; actually: "strong one" and, as such, sometimes referred to the hammer of Thor, It is Phallic in nature and aggressive, as is the shape of the rune itself. It repesents Armed might, power as brute force rushing forth. Also the power of Fire and Ice.

Hardship, Painful event or decisions; Discipline, Knowledge, Introspection, Reflection, Focus.
Consider motives & readiness. Guard against Chaos, Conflict, Self deception, Passions.  Powerful forces give insight, shows general conflict, Battle of wills; but Wisdom & True will; although with some discomfort. Can also mean Good news from afar, unexpected luck; or represent a person of bad influence.


Bad news, Halting growth. Use Caution regarding temperment and decision making Shows need for Purging & cleansing negetivity.
The name Ansuz means "God", or the Anglo-Saxon form of "mouth". This rune is a considers opening in every way. Relates open lines of communication, opening the subconcious to recieve and transmit artistic inspiration and releases locks and blocks of energy, Repesents both Manly and Womanly qualities and represents also wise council.


Shows a Leader, or Authority figure; Mind and Body balance, Justice, Shaman, Clairvoyance, Poetry. Wisdom, occult power, healing, cunning speech, Growth of Interpersonal Communication. Recieving a message.  Focus and explore the past to direct the future.  Be aware during meetings with others. Can also refer to a good man or woman. Expect the Unexpected. (This Rune is also the trickster rune!)


Rumors and Lies are around you. Failed communications.Lack of clarity or misinformation & possible  deceat, Guard against and smooth talkers. 
Vanity and laziness. May also mean an elderly person who causes trouble.
Raidho, Raidha, Rad,
Reidh, Radh, Ride
(Sound :   "r")

Element: Air/Sun

Color: Indigo / Number: 4
Stone(s): Christophase,Turquoise,
Oak Tree / Snapdragon

Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius
Tarot Card: XIV - Temperance

Talisman Uses:

For a safe journey.To seek unknown, for Legal help or taking control.  To remove toxic substances from the body. For Legs and Gluteal muscles.

The name Raido is interpreted variously as "wagon", "chariot", and "riding". Raido regards ordered movement above all else. Movement is in space, time or any relationship between the two. It rules the rhythms of movement in all ways, melding the temporal and spatial with the personal needs of action. . Seek wisdom & guidence, Possible fights or restraints; patience is needed.


For a Pilgramage or Journey; Change, Destiny, a Quest, Progress, Progress; Need Communication or taking control. .Seek wisdom & guidence. Possible fights or restraints; patience is needed; not to take obvious or easy way.  Unions and reunions could be coming.  Can mean Physical travel, or a change in address.


Delays Disruption, possibly caused by someone elses problems, Dislocation, Demotion, Delusions, Breakups Possibly a death (depending on the other runes in the casting)
Ken, Kaunaz, Cen,
Kaun, Kusmaz, 
(Sound:   "k"   )
Element of  Fire

Color: Magenta / Number:3
Stone(s): Bloodstone, Fire  Agate,
Pine Tree / Gorse flower

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Tarot Card:XX - Judgement

Talisman Uses:

Aids self confidence,willpower.Mastery over sexual energy.Dispels ignorance brings insught & Self realization, lose fear and anxiety  negative energy, Aids with Astral travel. Heals, boils,  cysts, abbscess, & fever associated ills.
The meaning behind Kano is the sign of the "Torch" and translates to "sore, boil or swelling", seemingly unrelated; but; can be traced back to "old" germanic Ways: lancing & burning Boils to purify an regain health. Kano also governs the Craft of the smith and all works of knowledge crafted into action. It's work is that of cleansing followed by transformation.


Opening to Wisdom, Insight, hereditary knowledge.renewed clarity.seriousness; a quest.Solution to a problem coming, Reciprosity in relationships. Creativity, Inspiration, Spiritual Enlightenment.Acceptance, Vision and Guidance from divine propiates change.  Intellectual pursuit lights the darkness of the Soul and dispells shadows.


Loss of prestige, social standing and material possessions. Failure, False hopes, forbearing an empty time, Clouds covering the Sun. Partnerships passing away; darkening of a life aspect.  .Spiritual Nakedness, exposure, loss of illusion . Failure to be aware of things passing can cause even greater loss.. 
Giba, Gyfu, Gipt, Gifu, 
(Sound:   "g" )

Element of  Air

Color: Blue / Number: 6
Stone(s): Opal
Elm & Ash Trees / Wormwood

Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Tarot Card:  VI - The Lovers

Talisman Uses:

For luck in partnerships, Balance opposing forces.To strengthen or create harmony.  for binding, exchange energies . .Heal mental and physical balance - Both externally and internally. Remove toxins.
Winja, Wynn, Wyn,
(Sound:   "g" )

Element of  Earth

Color: Violet / Number: 6
Stone(s): Diamond, Rose Quartz,
Ash Tree / Larkspur

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Tarot Card: XXI - The World
Talisman Uses:

Used to project Energy.Bring spiritual happiness.Give Motivation, Heal rifts between people.  Battle despair and sorrow..  Find success & fulfill your secret wishes. For breathing, Asthma sufferers.
The name Gebo generally translates  to "gift", "hospitality", "generosity", and "wedding". Itis the embodiment of the equal exchange of energies, What is signified is partnership; the act of giving to be meaningful one, with the process of exchange also being a binding of loyalty.


Gift, Offering, Relationship, Love, Marriage, Partnership, Generosity, Unexpected Good Fortune. A partnership in some form. Give and Take. of relationships  from seperateness of  individuals  to synergy; rather than a partnership that becomes One. It can also mean a Spiritual: Sacrafice to the gods. or giving up emotional happiness.  Someone may be trying to have a closer relationship. closer to you.


There is no reverse to this rune due to it's shape.

The meaning of Wunjo, is "Joy"  True cheerful ness throughout hardships. Wunjo is the first rune of the Will itself, of a positive influence & balanced, integrated personality. To reach the goal of Wunjo, you must be able to keep your pains and sorrows from looming to large in your life. You must; however, also know some troubles in order to understand how to deal with the problems when they do arise. Wunjo is the It rules the senses. and it's lesson is to master the trials in life with spirit in a positive way; that bings the Joy Wunjo.


Joyousness, New energy. and Relief after strife. Restoration the Natural rewards for sacrifice. Enjoying a relationship..Success, Recognition of achievements, Reward, Joy, Bliss, Achievement of goals, Contentment. Knowledge to Re-evaluate your existing goals, ambitions or plans with new illumination.  Could signal a Fair-Haired visitor, to play a role.


Things are slow to come to fruition. Crisis, a difficult passage is at hand. Everything is a test; no clarity, no answers.  Unhappiness, Grief, Loss of affection. withDepression, Lack of confidence. Dependency on drugs or alcohol, mental , emotional problems.
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FREY & FREYA:  the God & Goddess of Fertility
          The ELDER FUTHARK
This alphabet is called after it's First Six letters:  divided
into Three sections: the First is FREY'S aett; (the "Elder")
the 2nd, HAGAL'S aett  and the 3rd,  TYR'S AETT "Younger".
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