if you are interested in performing either of these spells
See: Lessons:  Revenge
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       Power of the SEER
(to  SEE  hidden  Knowledge)
SEE ALL balm:                                          Tablespoon of Fly Balm
                                                  (flies have 1000 eyes)
                                                 3          Eyes of Newt
Sitting in your Circle;  take One Tablespoon of Fly Balm;
add One Eye of Newt,  (mash and blend)    saying:  "With this Eye to see all in the Outer World",   (add Second Eye)
saying: "With this Eye to see all in the Under World."    (add third)
saying: "With this Eye to see all in the Spirit World."
On night of New Moon, just before going to bed, make your Circle;
Call the Powers of the Three Realms:  hold container or Balm in your Left hand, with your Right index finger, make a Cross in the center of your forehead with the balm.
Saying: "Aloath, give me the Knowledge of the Earth";  "Zenophian, let me See into your Under World"; (and) "Sceraphina, give me your Vision of the Spirit World."
Repeat; before retiring each night, until the night of the Full Moon, on that night: Circle; call the Three named Powers;  saying:  "Aloath, I thank you for the Knowledge of the Earth";  "Zenophian, I thank you for letting me See your World"; (and) "Sceraphina, I thank you for the Visions of the Spirit."   "I will Honour these gifts; and use them wisely, So Be It, now and always."

( The Knowledge will either come to you in Dreams; or you will just "KNOW"  But be admonished; that if you do not Honor your Oath to these Gods & Goddess; the Power will be taken from you.)
                         LOVE SPELLS
(best to buy Love Potion 20 Bucks; he yours)
LOVE SPELL - person who wants the other one must get Root of  (Potentilla Tormentilla)  pound or grind root to powder, as you do this repeating the name of the person you desire, over and over.
Take 1/2 teaspoon Tormentilla powder,  Either put into the persons food, OR make a philter (steep with distilled water like tea) give to person to drink,  as you are putting into food or fixing drink utter the Spell Words:        Tormentil, Tormentil, Tormentil;
                             make (name) subject to my will.
                             Be he bound or be he free,
                             as my will, so mote it be!
                                                     (Problem:  hard to get this Root)
Other LOVE SPELL - This spell use regular Love Powder,  any kind OK.  Person who wants the other one must take 3 big fat slugs/snails,  (if small, use more)  and squash up with petroleum jelly, add love powder to make Balm; saying name of the person you desire, over while making this, like before.   You get the inner sole, (lining from the persons shoe) if too big you can trim to your size. Also get a piece of their old clothing, prefer shirt or top.  Cut some small circles, about two inches, from material, from 5 - 15  pieces.
Start Spell on Morning after night of Dark/new Moon.  In morning get up stir Balm; spread some balm on top of inner soles, put in your shoe, spread Balm on circle; & adhesive tape to center of your chest over Heart; wear shoes and patch 8 hours.  Do each morning till day Full Moon comes.   As you put bandage and shoes on Say:
"Soul to Soul; and Heart to Heart (name) and I never to Part".
The more times you say words over to yourself during the day the better.
I believe Spell always work  because: if you willing do all that must really love de person lots. They be stupid don't love you back.
On All Hallows Eve.  Before Midnight; construct the circle:  Draw double circle with chalk.  Black chalk outside, red chalk inside .  Pour a line of salt making another circle inside the chalk circles. These circles should close and be unbroken with you inside.  You will hold the widow wafer in your Left hand, against your body; your Athame held in your Right hand at your side.  then you cross your arm with the tip of the knife resting on your left shoulder. Then ... At Midnight You strike out with one swift motion, pointing your Athame  towards the sky . Saying: "I command you powers of hate and ill; come to me and do my will."  Feel the power like lightning going from your sword to the sky. Then hold out your hand with the wafer and strike it with athame in half.  Eat the wafer.  Again Say: "As the Widow devour her mate; I devour (name) with hate."  If you choose you may finish  by chasing the wafer with strong dark red wine, or pomagranite juice . . . adding "sealed with death".
HAUNTING HORROR PRODUCING SPELL  - Person who does this Spell must have Hate in their heart when they do all parts of  it.
WARNING: This spell  will strike fear, anger and faulty judgement in the victim.  You must not direct it to anyone you live with or their discord will also disturb your piece of mind too.
Spell must be done on certain Moon nights:  Mark Days on Calendar after the New/dark Moon. Next night; One, end at 13.
You will do the spell Seven Times :  First; night One, after new Moon; then Second time night Two, Third time night Four, then Seven, Ten, Twelve, and the Seventh time on night Thirteen.
You must wait until after time the person you are cursing has gone to bed and you are sure they will be sleeping.
You must prepare yourself mentally; feeling Hateful.   You retire to your bedroom alone, have Haunting Horror mix prepared thick enough so it will not drip.  Plaster this compound on your forehead from your brow ridges to your hairline, let set a few minutes; then cover your head with a towel and as you lay on your bed in the dark. Say: " The tremmers and Forces I send to Thee; shall never return to trouble Me."  After this it may take about 45 minutes to an Hour.  During the whole time you will be thinking & envisioning the most terrible things imaginable to happen to the person.  creepy crawley things, sliny slithering things, all over the person; horror movies you've seen ect; happening. Picture him/her in your mind.
Saying: "Stir in Thy sleep and feel the effects;   I sent to Thee in the name of HEX.  Stir Thy brain as I free the Power; from Fiends in your mind shall your consciousness cower."  Say their name Three times and keep thinking of the horrors as you Repeat the whole thing several times slowly.  Envision things crawling over the person in their sleep.  Then end, by Saying:  "Sealed with a Curse as sharp as a knife.  Doomed are your plans and Damned is your life." Say the name again Three times; then "So mote it Be".
HIGH VENGENCE SPELL -  "Revenge is a dish best eaten cold"
is the saying that goes with this Spell.  The first spell makes the person feel fear and anxiety; this Spell makes the worst things actually happen to them.  To do this Spell the person must truly be dedicated to revenge.   It is comprised  of a simple little Ritual ;performed at Midnight on All Hallows Eve.  (Seven times.)  So it takes Seven Years.  That is after you make the preparation.
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For Amusement ONLY
do not try these at home
MONEY SPELLS - person who wants wealth, success;  You work for de Money; it work for you.  You get Money EASY. Easy COME, easy GO.  Not worth trouble to do Magick.
          (Go to Casino - Use Swamp Witch Spells; they OK)
{ADDITIONAL NOTE - you'd better really hate the person because it takes Twenty - Thirty Years to collect that much Black widow Powder. Then Seven Years for the RITUAL}
Preparation - collect widows for black widow powder, dry thoroughly. may only be ground on eve's of new Moon.  As you grind.  Say: "As the Widow devour her mate; for me to devour with hate."  Save powder, as made, until you get at least 1/4 cup. Make Black Widow wafers.  wrap individually, keep in tightly closed jar, or tupperware.

Before the ritual: bathe; come to you ritual area Naked, with only:  your Athame; One Black Widow Wafer; and the chalks and salt, to prepare your Circle.
if you are interested in performing either of these spells
See: Lessons:  Revenge
Lessons:  Vengence

High Vengence always works.  It will completely destroy someones life.

But that someone is YOU!  When; instead of seeking truth, love and joy, you take the precious moments of your life, and devote your thoughts to anger and ill will.
When someone hurts us deeply, and then moves on with their life like it doesn't matter at all ; it is quite natural to want them to suffer the same pain that we have suffered.

In case it was not obvious in reading the spell; that the person who is the victim of the spell is the person doing dusgusting things, and laying awake night after night envisioning these horrors.

You NEVER need to harm someone else to make yourself happy, even if you think for a little while that you do.  In fact:  Indulge in those bad feelings (for a little while)  But then: get over it, set all this negetivity aside, give joy and blessings to others; and you will find joy and blessings in your life.
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